FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is your “art” just A.I. generated stuff?


While A.I. does play a big part in my pipeline, I don’t use it exclusively. To me A.I. is just another tool, like a brush, or a camera. Some other tools I use are things like Photoshop, Lightroom, 2D paint applications, skills and determination, and much more.

Question: Are the men based on real people? They seem so photo real?


No, they are not based on real people. The faces often do start in A.I. But they’re definitely not real people. They’re not inspired by any real existing people. Any likeness with any real person is purely coincidental.

Question: “You look great, tell me. more about you. I’m single.”


I get asked variations on this question a lot on instagram. While I’m flattered by the statement, I don’t look a thing like the guys in my art. I also don’t post my picture in the Bears Chasing Art social media accounts, so the compliment, nice as it is, can’t be aimed at me. Also, I’m happily married, so there’s no need to try. But thank you for the compliment, either way.


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