All the images we post are original, digital artworks. Not a single image reflects a real person. It’s all ART!

Is it all “just” AI? No. While AI is a part of the workflow, so is ProCreate, Photoshop, and various 3D softwares (mostly Blender and Maya).

As far as AI goes… any argument I’ve seen against its use in art, is old news: it’s all the same BS and fear that was used when photography was first introduced to the world. Many years later, photography is considered a very valid art form. You should learn something from this piece of history.


Welcome to Bear Chasing Art, the website dedicated to husky, stock, chubby, hairy men in Fantasy, Science Fiction, “reality,” and all kinds of other situation.
A quick survey has shown most of you want to see bear cops and bears in underwear. I’m on it! Soon I’ll provide a way for you to contact me, and express directly what you’d like to see.

All images are digital artworks. They sometimes look “photo real,” however, they are all works of the imagination. These “people” do not exist in the real word. Enjoy.

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