The Very Best of Ginger

4 thoughts on “The Very Best of Ginger”

  1. These are some amazing images! I would love to know how you created them.
    I’ve tried using a couple of these AI art generators but they don’t come close to the quality of yours.

    Please share!

    1. Thanks Harvey. Glad you like them. For the AI part I use a customized local install of Stable Diffusion, frequently exploring and customizing models (mixing them). For paint-over and fixes I then take them to Affinity Photo or Procreate (the latter on the iPad). So the reason mine might turn out a bit better is because I put a lot of time into learning the tech, and getting the right equipment to run it on my own machine. A lot of people think what I’m doing doesnt’ count as art, because I start with AI. Those people don’t know a thing about art. They said all the same negative crap about photography at first. Oh well.

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