BCA Officer Paul

Despite my previous post I’m posting this update. After reading Google’s recommendations it looks like it is a good idea to attract traffic to the site so they see its legitimate visits. I think it’s because it suddenly got way more popular since the Facebook site has grown exponentially. So visit and share this link and other links on the site.

In this post I’m giving a preview of the new series that will roll out on the Facebook page over the next week. The most popular character I’ve created thus was is BCA Officer Paul. So I’ve created a series of images portraying him in various uniforms, body weights, and ages. I hope you enjoy this preview.

2 thoughts on “BCA Officer Paul”

  1. Officer Paul is very good, 💯 never knew he had a name , he is very Beary and a great creative stoke of genius
    Well done 👍🐻

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