Gay Cops on the Beach – 1 of 5

Hairy Heavyset Cops on a Beach in Florida

The sun beats down on the beach,
The waves crash against the shore,
And two hairy heavyset cops
Are walking hand in hand.

They’re both wearing shorts and flip-flops,
And their shirts are off,
Exposing their hairy chests
And their potbellies.

They’re laughing and talking,
Having a good time,
And they don’t seem to care
That everyone is staring at them.

In fact, they seem to enjoy
The attention,
And they make a point of
Waving to everyone they pass.

They’re two hairy heavyset cops,
But they’re also two happy cops,
And they’re enjoying their day at the beach.

And who can blame them?
It’s a beautiful day,
And they’re in Florida,
Where the sun always shines.

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